This truck has been sold   


1989 Toyota

Utility Box Truck / Overhead door

129093 Miles

V6    3.0 EFI engine

Power Steering, Power Brakes Air Conditioning


10-foot bed long bed, Truck height is just 8 feet high Easy to drive. Fuel economy would be quite good but I never checked it myself.          Was originally a Hertz-Penske rental truck, well maintained by them. In quite good condition, slight cosmetic damage on front left fender.

2 New Tires, 2 New Rim          (just over 1,000 miles) Spare tire & rim (bent rim)

New Audiovox Detachable front panel AM/FM MPX Radio with Compact Disc Player Quartz clock


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This is my little Toyota. I used the truck to haul 2 motorcycles. 


Front Driver side of my truck, shows the only body damage.

The Rear view of the Toyota Box. Nice large overhead door for loading.

Close to the ground for easy loading.

Driver Side View of the FiberGlass Box.

View of the hood.

Front View of Cab.

Passenger Side view of Box. Box height 8 Foot.

Total Passenger Side view.

Close up of front driver side damage, wrinkle straightened, paint has cracked out.

View of the inside of the box. 

Fender wells have been lowered about 4 inches for clearance of Motorcycle foot pegs.

I moved the tie downs from the side walls to the floor to secure my 2 Motorcycles.

In the front of the box, I built a shelf for my Helmets, and Riding Gear.

The shelf I build in the front of the box is useful for many items.

Also a light in the ceiling is switched from inside the cab.

From inside the box, looking out, the wood floor is in real good condition.

The tie downs from the wall, that I moved to the floor are solid and fold down flat, so not to trip over.

The ceiling light which is switched inside the cab is nice for any night loading.

The rear door is a roll-up type same as would be found on a garage.

I installed a new Audiovox Detachable front panel AM/FM MPX Radio with Compact Disc Player Quartz clock.

The Air Conditioner is great for the hot summer days. 

Just about 130,000 miles and the truck runs like a charm.

Clean little engine, and runs great.

Plenty of power in this little engine.